Sunday, September 29, 2013

Live Caricature Dubai

A quick snap from a recent event. These two were fun !

Live Digital Caricature Dubai

I recently worked at a trade show in Dubai and worked with a digital setup. The caricatures were drawn on my Wacom Cintiq and linked to an additional monitor. Caricatures were then printed immediately and emailed to the visitors at the stall. It was great fun and went down really well, bringing a ton of interest to the stall. 
Overall I completed just under 150 caricatures over the 4 days, busy times ! 
Here Is a photo of my setup and a small selection of caricatures drawn at the event.

Exhibition - Brighton College Abu Dhabi

I recently had teh launch night of my first solo exhibition in Brighton College Abu Dhabi. I have over 40 pieces on display, ranging from caricature to Large scale animal paintings. It was a fun night and went well. If your In Abu Dhabi the exhibition will be on until the end of October so why not pass by.

Fly By

A recent large acrylic painted I recently finished up