Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recommended Reading

There are numerous books out there on caricature, including many that are about how to draw caricatures. I feel that the best way to learn is through practice, and not necessarily through books. There are however, 3 books that I would strongly recommend you take a look at. Joe Bluhm's Rejects, Jan op de Beeck's Famous Corpses, and Jason Seilers Art of Caricature. These are not tutorial books, just pages filled with insperational drawings. I have included the links below to sites where you can purchase these gems. Take a look....




Sunday, December 14, 2008

Live at home....

This is my Girlfriend's sisters fella Rob. They are over on holiday so thought I would give him a gift to take home ! Sorry about the reference pic, but he refused to pose for the camera !

Abu Dhabi Live caricatures - Eid

I managed to get through about 130 quick colour caricatures in 3 days at this event. I worked 3 hours a day, and had a que of at least 15 constantly. These few photos I managed to get were taken when it was still reasonably quiet !

Live work - Abu Dhabi Eid 2

Gramps is finished

Finally finished... photo is terrible, will try and take a better one and replace !

I learnt a lot from this painting. Fairly happy with the result, but still a long way to go until I reach the standard i'm looking for !