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Ian Brown - Stone Roses

I'm going to see the Stone Roses in concert tonight in Dubai, so thought I would paint a little tribute to Ian Brown. Mad for it !

Sylvester Stallone Caricature

Not my first attempt at this guys face !

Ryan Gosling caricature

This one is watercolor

Tommy Lee Jones caricature

He sure has the face for it

Pope caricature

In light of the popes retirement, I thought I would do a little caricature of him ! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mr Orangutan - Watercolour

This is my biggest watercolour to date, 30Inches x 22Inches

Margaret Thatcher - process

So omne of the things that really help me to learn new painting techniques is to look at step by step processes. I'm not saying this is the best way, but I documented some of my process for the Maggie Thatcher piece. Hope you find it useful in some way !

Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon

One of my favorite bands, I enjoyed this painting very much

Tiger Translate - Dubai

I was honored to be involved with the massive Tiger Translate project this year. I got to paint a few walls and see my artwork on display during one of the coolest nights Dubai has ever seen. The project was curated by the fabulous Fathima Hers is some of my work.

I'll get my interview !

 Here is a recent illustration piece I finished up. Based on the Oprah Winfry interview with Lance Armstrong

Caricature Dubai

So I have been super busy with loads of exciting projects recently and have also been working at lots of events and still doing gift caricatures. Here's a few recent snaps. Be sure to check out my full website here -

Margaret Thatcher Caricature

A little something I recently finished up