Wednesday, July 24, 2013

JayZ caricature

Just a quick caricature of Mr Jay Z

Tyrion Lannister - Peter Dinklage

Big Game of thrones fan, here is my Tyrion Lannister caricature, progress shots on my fb page -

Bill Murray - again

My 3rd Murray, I just cant get enough of his face. This was an experiment to see how good a likeness I could get from the interior of his face.

The Bear and the Parrot - Acrylic on paper

Just a little painting I was working on today. I think these 2 would be good friends

Walter White Caricature

I'm a big Breaking Bad fan, here is my take on Walt AKA Heisenberg

Wandering Storm - Acrylic on Canvas

The second of my large canvases, another 6ft x 5ft piece. Check out - for progress shots on this piece

The Bull - Acrylic on Canvas

I have recently started a new project and am working on some very large canvases. This is a 6ftx5ft canvas. Progress shots and also a couple of videos of my process can be found here -