Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Couple more watercolour sketches

Here's a couple more sketches I have been working on. I promise to post some caricatures soon !

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A.R Backwell said...

Hey Matt :) This is Amy who is 1st year at The Arts University college at Bournemouth studying BA (Hons) Animation Production :).
I just want to say your work is exquisite, especially the animal watercolours on your blog :P.
I have an animal attitude walk animation project right now and I have chosen a Camel so when I saw your image of a camel on there I was hugely inspired!!
I was just wondering how long that took you to do and roughly how big the work is?
I love the style of it aswell... the lighting contrast is simply beautiful!!
My email is: amy_backwell@hotmail.com.

Kind regards,
Amy Backwell.