Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year !

Happy new year everyone, I hope 2011 is a happy, healthy and wealthy year for you all.
December 2010 was a busy month for me with lots of christmas gigs, weddings, commissions and sign in boards to work through. Below are a selection of some of my live stuff and a few of the commissions and wedding guest boards that I supplied, hope you like them !


Emily Anthony said...

The bulldog is a masterpiece! Dogs are not easy, and I have not seen alot of dog caricatures that impressed me, but that is a very well done work.

Matt Ryder said...

Hi Emily, thanks so much ! A master piece... true praise indeed :)
It has led to more pet caricatures which is a new thing for me, lets see where it goes ! Thanks for passing by the blog, it's nice to know I still have readers :)