Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is the cousin of the little boy David below. It's always nice to get repeat business....


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

I'm really digging the color treatments on the face (although they could be a bit too dark?). It's dealt hard to work from those types of photos that you were given. The flash from the camera almost always flattens out the features making it harder to see them, let alone trying to duplicate a decent light source(s) (unless you make it up). I think you did real well considering, they both have strong likenesses. Although I'm not sure that using a strong, bright, saturated background is the best choice. In my humble opion I think the background color is out of place or inconsistant with the style and color palete you've used on the face. For all the shading that was used on the face, you've used a lot of darker tones and local colors, but your background doesn't show the level of sensitivity. Perhaps colors like navy blues, hunter green, deep burgandy, or colors in that spectrum may appear to be better suited.
These are only my opinions, and I appologize if they come unwarented. Much respect matt.

Matt Ryder said...

Sean, your comments never come unwarrented !! Thanks for the advice. I agree on the darkness, I went a bit over board with some of the colours !
Thanks for passing by man

cabap said...

Thanks Matt,
appreciate your comment a lot,