Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the easel

This is what's currently sitting on my easel. Its the start of a painting i'm doing for my Grandpa for christmas. I know it looks pretty messy at the moment, but it's about 30% done. I am posting it now to keep my self motivated to get it finished ! He was a 48 Royal Marine Commando in WW2, a printer after the war, and an absolutley top bloke all of his life. I couldn't be a prouder grandson. He was also a fantastic painter, and the reason I got into painting in the first place. This year he turned 85, and I wanted to give him something special. I hope I manage to get this finished before xmas, and that he likes it !

I'll post the complete painting when it's finished....

1 comment:

Dominic Philibert said...

Hey Matt!
Yeah I know!
There's mistakes everywhere! Haha!
I didn't worked on the glasses yet!
So you're right!
Nice painting by the way!!!